Stolen Bike Alert: NE MPLS

(no picture yet)

My friend Mary just sent this over:

Not sure if you know my brother Jerome, big guy, tattoo artist, funky mustache, went to EC as well… But his bike just got ripped off outside of Sentyrz in NE. One of those – forget the lock, in the store for 10 minutes to grab beer and it’s gone.

Here’s a description but it is pretty recognizable being it has a few distinct features.

Jamis Beatnik single speed, white & black frame with custom leather grips (very recognizable), white front tire, black rear tire – serial #U96U39699

If you see this bike, please grab it back.  It should be recognizable as a SS Jamis with a white front tire and leather grips.

And don’t say shit about the no lock thing, we’ve all done it.