The Case for Peacock Groove

I know we’ve been over this before, but after today, I believe I am in possession of enough photographic evidence to successfully slam the door shut on what is in my mind an airtight case.

The premise is this: Erik Noren is the most fearless frame builder working today on this continent.

I would also add that he is one of the most talented and interesting as well.

Sorry to beat a dead horse but for the vast majority of frame builders out there, if you go to them, your bike is going to be more or less like every other bicycle that they have made. See, most frame builders only do a few things. It is by large an industry of specialists.

The most well known example of this may be Richard Sachs. Richard Sachs’ bikes are gorgeous, flawless, etc. However, he operates in a relatively narrow spectrum. I have never seen anything other than small tubes, rim brakes, and 1″ threaded headsets from him. Which is fine of course, you go to Richard Sachs to get a RICHARD SACHS! Please don’t take that as a knock against the man whom many consider to be the greatest frame builder in North America, that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.

Now of course there are many frame builders who will do whatever headset standard you wish, or BB, disc brakes, road / mountain / cross, etc. However there just isn’t any one of those with the creative vision, cost-be-damned, lunatic passion of our hometown boy.

It is my hope that the upcoming series of posts of bicycles shot this weekend at the Groove HQ will prove that point. You may not like everything you see, but you can’t deny that the man is not afraid to take risks.

I should also add, that clearly I am not without bias here, I consider Erik a friend and am the proud owner a Peacock Groove road bike.

Now onto the radness.

Shimano STEPS electric assist bike
Built for the NAHBS STEPS contest showcasing Shimano’s new electric assist system, this is a belt drive cruiser with undeniable styling and wicked paint.

note the detailing of the rim, spoke nipple, and black pinstripe on the stay

loving the internal routing on one side with the fancy braze-on opposite

Shimano electronic gadget painted to match


One more notable oddball can be found here.