just look at it all: re-purposed pedal reflectors, reflector on a carbiner, custom pulls, knives, dinosaurs,  etc

One of the things I like most about making my home in the cycling world are the weirdos. The 1000 yard stare end of the roaders, the basement MacGuyvers, the burnouts, the survivalists, etc etc.

One such gent whom I’ve sort of become acquainted with is the man who owns this setup. Now he’s not particularly creepy or anything, but one look and you know dude’s weird as fuck. (notice, I don’t use weird as a perjorative term, everyone I associate with is pretty much weird)

He rides a sweet 80’s Gary Fisher, always has a pannier, and those work clogs that every server in Minneapolis wears. He’s at the dog park almost everyday, and is the one who builds those little cairns and arches out of the rocks on shore.

I usually avoid him, not because he’s intimidating, but because I have no need for what is sure to be an awkward exchange with a stranger.

Well, the other day I noticed his sweet little hand made toe clip covers, and asked to take a few pics. He obliged. So here they are.
Here’s to weird people riding bikes, and taking the time to custom make their own shit.

Shine on you crazy diamonds.

  • Dixie

    Out here on the perimeter we is stoned, immaculate. Beyond here be dragons.