Winter Project: 1983 Stumpjumper


I have an absolute shit-load of winter projects this year: body work and painting my van, modifying and painting my Harley, doing the entry way of my house, and of course I’ve got some bike stuff kicking around. This 1983 Stumpy which I acquired off Craigslist in Denver is definitely a project I’m looking forward to, although the direction isn’t quite decided yet.

As is always the battle with me, do I build it up period, or with the parts I love? In this case that would be XTR M-900. I’ve decided that I should always have an early MTB in my stable, and with the selling of the Fisher¬†there’s now room for this Stumpy (at least ¬†until I can lay hands on a fillet brazed Ritchey, if you’ve got one, hit me up).

As far as I’m concerned there are two Stumpjumpers to have aesthetically: either the 1985 Pink Team edition, or the lugged construction bi-plane fork variant you see here.

It came to me with “Sport” badging, but the tubing and two bottle mounts tell a different story, namely that it’s a standard Stumpy. This is fairly common with older models, a frameset is left over from one year to the next and gets used for whatever build they happen to need. Definitely not-unheard of from early Specialized.

The parts are largely stock though the rear derailleur isn’t original to the bike.

I’m building this up with an eye toward someday doing the famed Pearl Pass tour aboard a vintage ride someday. We’ll see how it shakes out, I’m not so secretly hoping a Ritchey finds its way to me before I start this build and I can just pass this on as is.

We’ll see how it shakes out. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos of this little gem.