Bike Jerks is a labor of love in dedication to the people, machines, and history of cycling. I design and make things, organize events, act as local historian, bend the rules, ride my heart out and generally try to be a positive force in the world.  It’s a life’s work in progress.

I reside in Minneapolis, MN and have dedicated my working life to the cycling community. In addition to Bike Jerks, I am a co-owner of Wilde Bicycles, the owner of Holy Mountain USA, and previously founded and led the All-City Cycles brand for its first 11 years of existence.

Jeffrey Gene Frane

Screenprinting Process

We make custom one of a kind things using the least amount of machinery and equipment possible. Each garment is unique and slightly different. They are made by hand and it shows. They are not perfect, or uniform. The lack of equipment was once a financial necessity and has now become an aesthetic choice. Relying only on eyes and experience is a concept we value.

Only water based inks are used in our printing because they do not require any solvents and are much more user and environmentally friendly.