Country Style 50 Mile

Country Style 50 Mile

A 50 mile ramble through the beautiful Minnesota River Bottoms area. Not a race, it's a ride / tour. Come tour the fabulous River Bottoms with friends old and new. Gravel, pavement, bike path, two track and single track.

Any off road bike will work great, and none are a bad choice, gravel bike, mountain bike, or fat bike will all work great for this course. I'd recommend at least a 38c tire with a 42c being about optimal. This is also a great chance to put some big miles on a vintage MTB if you're into that sort of thing.

Expect to be out there about five hours and there is a gas station at mile 30 and several bars / restaurants at mile 40 in Mendota. Bring snacks!

The ride is free to all, but if you have the means a donation for the organization is appreciated. Venmo is: Jeffrey-Frane

Coffee provided by Northern Coffee Works!

Here's a link to the GPX File: