Mountain Biking History: 1980 Pearl Pass Tour by Kevin Montgomery

Mountain Biking History: 1980 Pearl Pass Tour by Kevin Montgomery

We're stoked to share these amazing photos from the 1980 Pearl Pass Tour featuring so many of the famous early mountain bike pioneers. These are far and away the best relatively unknown vintage mountain bike photos we've ever seen.

Last week we brought you photos from the 1981 edition and a bus tour organized by Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly of MountainBikes* fame, and this week we bring you some absolutely stunning images from the 1980 edition shot by Kevin Montgomery. 

We couldn’t be happier to help shine a light on these images of an era past. An era whose spirit is seeing a modern resurgence as more folks than ever are realizing it’s not the results, but the people and the stories that matter most.

I especially love the fashion, which wouldn't be out of place at any of the alt-cycling meetups of today. 

If you're not familiar, the Pearl Pass Tour is still taking place today and is an organized ride from Crested Butte Colorado over the mountains and ending in Aspen Colorado. It began in the late 70's and became a focal point for the trading of camaraderie and technology between the thriving early hot beds of modern mountain biking: Crested Butte and Marin County, CA. 

*MountainBikes was the company founded by Fisher and Kelly to sell parts and Ritchey made frames and bikes which became the namesake of the new sport